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Mila on the go

Setting up your Mila app

It’s as easy as inhale, exhale.


Grab the app.

Download the Mila app on your iOS/Android device.


Turn on your Mila air purifier.

Plug in and power on each unit.


Follow your in-app directions.

Set up your Mila in three simple steps. You’ll want to have your local WiFi network name and password handy (Mila works on a 2.4 gHz frequncy).

Get the latest updates on Mila’s services at

Unit controls

Know what you're looking at



Indicates which main mode you’re in: Manual or Automagic.

Outdoor AQI

Your current outdoor air quality, as measured on a scale of 0-300 (lower is better).

Protection Factor

Indicates the difference in air quality between indoors and outdoors.

Indoor AQI

Your current indoor air quality, as measured on a scale of 0-300 (lower is better).

Unit controls

Know what you're looking at



Indicates which main mode you’re in: Manual or Automagic.

Target AQI

Your projected AQI based on fan speed and room size.

Current AQI

The current indoor air quality, calculated based on Mila’s sensors.

Air Changes / Hr

How frequently air circulates through Mila's filter every hour in a room. The higher your ACH, the higher your fan speed.


Frequently asked questions

Have a Q? Find your A below.

How do you pronounce “Mila”?

Mila should be pronounced “Mee-la” :)

Where should I place my Mila?

Please ensure that there is a minimum of 11.8” (30 cm) of clearance around the unit.

Where can I find a user handbook/quick start guide?
What voltage range does Mila operate on?

Mila is compatible globally across 100-240v.

Does Mila require a WiFi connection to operate?

While Mila does not require WiFi, it's a lot cooler if you use Mila with WiFi. :) Some of Mila’s smartest functions require a Wifi connection (e.g., Automagic Mode, using with the Mila App), but Mila can operate in Manual Mode completely offline.

How can I use Mila with my Alexa or Google Home devices?

Alexa/Google Home skills are currently undergoing testing with a small group of Mila beta testers and will be available for all Mila users shortly.

For all the Apple fanboys/gals out there, we have now been MFI certified and are in the planning stages for HomeKit support.

Where can I purchase Milas from?

Milas can be purchased from the Mila website ( or from in the US.

How do I set up my Mila?
  • Operate your Mila in an enclosed area. Close all doors, windows, and other openings connecting to the outside of the room.
  • Place the air purifier in a location that does not restrict the airflow through the top of the unit, or the intake vents on the sides of the unit.
  • The unit must be placed on a leveled surface that can support it. Please ensure that there is a minimum of 11.8” (30 cm) of clearance around the unit.
Where should I place my Mila?

Please ensure that there is a minimum of 11.8” (30 cm) of clearance around the unit.

What’s included in my Mila box?

Each Mila box comes with:

  • A Mila unit
  • A cord
  • Your filter of choice pre-loaded in your unit (please make sure to remove the plastic wrap from your filter before use)
  • Quick start guide
How do I pair my Mila with the Mila app?

If this is your first time setting up a Mila, open the app and follow the in-app instructions. You’ll want to have your WiFi network and password handy (please note that Mila only works on 2.4GHz frequency networks. If you have a mesh network like eero or Google WIFi, your router will automatically choose this for you.)

If you already have a Mila, add a Mila from the “Rooms” screen and follow the in-app instructions.

What filters can I use with my Mila?

Mila comes with seven custom filters for your unique needs — the seven include: The Basic Breather, The Big Sneeze, The Rookie Parent, The Critter Cuddler, The Home Wrecker, The Mama-to-be, and The Overreactor. Learn more about each filter here.

How often should I change my filter?

Filter life depends on usage and will last between six to nine months. Please note you cannot wash your filter and it should be disposed of in accordance with your local laws and replaced as needed.

Can I wash my Mila Sock (pre-filter)?

Wash the Mila Sock (prefilter) by hand in cold/warm water and let dry completely before fitting it back on your Mila filter.

How should I store my filter?

Filters should be kept out of direct sunlight and sealed in their original packaging until ready for use. If you need to swap out a filter in between uses, please store out of direct sunlight.

What is a Mila Sock?

We gave Mila washable “socks” that work as a pre-filter to capture larger particles. You can use them on any of Mila's seven filters, and can help extend filter life. They’re easy to wash/vacuum and reuse with each new filter you get. The Critter Cuddler filter automatically comes with a Mila Sock pre-installed.

The fan isn’t running.

Make sure your filter is installed correctly and the filter door is closed properly. Restart Mila and wait for “Calibration Mode” to complete (this usually takes around 70 seconds). Mila will automatically run in “Automagic” mode at startup. Switch to “Manual” mode to set your own target AQI and fan speed.

The fan speed doesn’t change after selecting a new fan speed.

Please make sure you’ve selected MANUAL Mode before attempting to change the fan speed. The fan speed will decrease or increase gradually—this is normal. If it does not change after a prolonged period of time after the input, then please reach out to Mila Customer Care for support.

My unit smells odd.

The first time you use the purifier, you might perceive a plastic or paint smell. This is normal, but it should disappear after a couple days. If the smell persists or if you sense a burning smell, please disconnect the purifier and reach out to Mila Customer Care for support.

My display screen says “Connection Lost.”

This screen indicates the unit lost its network connectivity. Make sure the unit is within range of a stable 2.4GHz WiFi network. Pair the unit with the Mila mobile app. Turn OFF the unit by flicking the power switch on the bottom of your Mila. Wait 20 seconds and turn ON the unit. Reboot your router.

My Mila just rebooted itself.

Your Mila may reboot itself from time to time for a memory refresh (similar to how you might reset a router). Fear not, all your data is still there!

Is there a warranty?

Each Mila purchased from an authorized seller (our website, in the US, and all Kickstarter/Indiegogo backers) comes with our Mila-backed guarantee, including a one year warranty. Note that disassembly of Mila hardware in any way automatically voids this warranty. If you need any assistance, please contact us at You can read more about our warranty policy here.

Smart Home - Amazon Alexa
How do I connect Amazon Alexa to my Milas?
  • Start by enabling the Mila Skill — you'll want to have your Amazon log-in handy.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to link your Mila account to Amazon Alexa.
What can I ask my Alexa to do?

Using your Amazon Alexa, you can ask Mila to set certain modes or to get the 411 on what's happening with your home air quality. Commands you can use include:

Set the Mode

  • Alexa, ask Mila to set mode to Automagic
  • Alexa, ask Mila to turn up/down the fan (by N%)
  • Alexa, ask Mila to set/turn off Child Lock
  • Alexa, ask Mila to turn on/off Whitenoise Mode
  • Alexa, ask Mila to start a Deep Clean

Set the Fan Speed

  • Alexa, ask Mila to set fan speed to N%
  • Alexa, ask Mila to pause
  • Alexa, ask Mila to resume

Get the 411

  • Alexa, ask Mila what my indoor air quality is
  • Alexa, ask Mila what my outdoor air quality is
  • Alexa, ask Mila what my air quality is

Need an extra hand?

  • Alexa, ask Mila for an introduction
  • Alexa, ask Mila for some help
  • Alexa, ask Mila what is TVOC
  • Alexa, ask Mila what is AQI

If you have multiple Milas, set asks for a specific Mila by adding "in the [Room Name]" to any of these asks (e.g., Ask Mila to set Child Lock in the Nursery). You can find your name in the "Rooms" screen of your Mila app.

How do I pronounce "Mila"?

Mila is pronounced "mee-la".

I need some more help.

Connecting with Amazon Alexa

You can visit Amazon’s website for help with Alexa, including its connection to your Milas. For example, you may need to toggle permissions for the Mila skill, or you may need to disable the skill and then re-enable it. Amazon’s website offers instructions and additional troubleshooting suggestions here.

I have a question about Mila

Please send our Care Squad a note at

  • Mila firmware

    Mila Firmware - Current Version

    Automatically receive new firmware updates when your Mila unit is online.

    v 1.3.1

    Change log


    The 1.3.1 firmware adds the necessary support for Eco Mode, which will be coming soon to your Mila app.


    It's alive, it's alive!! The 1.3.0 firmware release (and 1.6.0 app) activates Mila's positronic brain to provide you deeper insights into your home health.

    New Features and Improvements

    • The 1.3 firmware enables the Milabot, giving you the ability to get realtime push notifications, track what your Milas are up to, and observe the historic logs of your Milas to better spot trends in your home air quality.

    Bug Fixes

    • Improved pairing logic. By popular request, Mila now can search for hidden networks and sorts wifi networks by signal strength.
    • Updated VOC, CO and CO2 driver with better temperature and humidity compensation, and baseline correction.
    • Update temp and humidity algorithms to better compensate for internal device heat and fan convection.
    • Improved CO alert logic.

    Sneak Peek - What to look forward to next shushing-face

    The 1.3 release provides some important updates for some upcoming features, including:

    • Child Lock Feature
    • Pollen Alerts


    New Features and Improvements

    • Smart modes (Turndown, Sleep, Whitenoise) - we added the logic needed to support different settings for level, amplitude and period for each of these settings.
    • We did some refactoring to improve performance and memory.
    • We added support for changing temperature sensor source via MQTT.
    • We added support for fixing low RPM oscillation. observed in some devices.
    • We added capability to retune ACH controller gains.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed Sleep mode screen heading typo.
    • Fixed RH bug that gave values above 100%.

    Sneak Peek - What to look forward to next shushing-face

    • Push notifications


    New Features and Improvements

    • Added a firmware update scheduler to only allow updates during daylight hours, so no more bleeps in the night from your Mila. smiling-face-with-smiling-eyes"
    • Improved the calibration of the relative humidity sensor.
    • Added the ability to manually calibrate your VOC and CO2 sensor by placing your Mila outside or in a room with windows open for 20 mins.
    • Added a Mold Alert feature to warn you when conditions are right for mold growth, and how many days to mold.
    • New holiday themed Easter eggs winking-face
    • Implemented a PM sensor self diagnostic feature to determine if the sensor is being skewed by EMI spikes from poorly grounded HVAC systems.

    Bug fixes

    • Fixed night time screen brightness when neither Sleep nor Whitenoise are turned on.
    • Fixed screen flickering when switching screens from different tasks.
    • Faster motion detection.

    Sneak Peek - What to look forward to next shushing-face

    • Added logic for personalizing your Sleep, Whitenoise and Turndown modes.



    • We have completely re-written the WiFi pairing process to be more robust. The app will now notify you if you accidentally entered the wrong WiFi password and give you more informative messages if you miss any steps or run into any issues.
    • We have improved the WiFi signal strength for a more stable connection.
    • We have improved the CO2 and VOC sensor calibration.

    New Features

    • Mute Toggle - you can now completely mute any beeps and bloops from your Mila. You will find a toggle in your app settings under Notifications.
    • Placeholder Notification (still Beta'ish) - Mila's sensors can get skewed if it's placed right next to your HVAC vent and sees big swings in temperature and humidity. Your Mila can now predict this situation and notify you to move it a bit further away to improve readings.

    Bug Fixes

    • In conjunction with our new pairing flow on the latest app versions, we fixed a critical bug where Mila didn't notify you if you accidentally typed in the wrong WiFi password.
    • We fixed some additional WiFi and MQTT bugs to make your connection more stable and secure.
    • We fixed a bug in Bubble Boy Mode that could cause fan oscillations in certain situations.
    • We fixed a bug in Manual Mode that caused Mila's control system to overestimate its time to clean when the AQI was very low.

    Sneak Peek - What to look forward to next

    • This build prepares for the ability to personalize your Sleep Mode and White Noise Mode settings. This will be released in the upcoming 1.3 iOS app and 1.4 Android app.
    • We're preparing a (not so) super secret feature to detect your precise filter loading and life remaining.
  • Mila App

    Mila App - Current Version

    Stay updated on the latest app versions to make the most of your Mila.

    v 1.6.0

    Download latest version
    Change log


    New Features and Improvements

    Meet the Milabot. waving-hand A real-time feed updating you on what your Mila(s) are up to, and what they're sensing. And as you might have guessed, it's big on gifs and emojis.smiling-face

    Here are some things the new Milabot can do for you:

    • Realtime Air Quality Alerts - Mila will send you a push notification if it detects any issues with your indoor or outdoor air quality, including elevated indoor AQI, Outdoor AQI, VOC, CO2, CO, and humidity levels.
    • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Logs - Mila not only tells you what's going on in your home right now, it'll show you trends over the past day, week, or month. Get to know what affects the air quality and overall health of your home.
    • Milabot Insights (Beta) - Mila not only tells you what's going on in your home right now, it'll show you trends over the past day, week, or month. Get to know what affects the air quality and overall health of your home.
      • Sleep Analysis - Receive a daily Sleep Analysis to know what your bedroom air was like while you slept.
      • Mold Alerts - Get an alert not just when humidity is high, but also when the conditions are right for mold to start sprouting, including how long it would take for mold growth to occur if conditions don't change.
      • Safeguard Alerts - The Milabot can predict when your windows are open and let you know to close them if the outdoor AQI is rising and it can't keep up. You may have noticed it on your Mila units already — and you'll now get those same alerts on your phone.
      • And more to come ... Mila's always getting smarter.nerd-face
    • Smart Status Mode - Have you ever wondered what your Milas are thinking about all day long? The Milabot will let you know what each Mila is up to and what mode it's in — and gives you the ability to adjust it right from your phone. For example, if your Mila didn't pick up that you're in the Living Room and goes into Housekeeper mode, you can easily switch it off straight from you app.
    • Thoughtful Controls - And of course, the Milabot is thoughtful. Nobody likes getting spammed with app notifications so you'll always have the ability to turn on/off various notification types via the shiny new "Alerts" panel in your Settings.

    Bug Fixes

    • Typos and formatting


    New Features and Improvements

    • Set Automagic Modes for each Mila independently.

      Personalize your Milas however you see fit: be a Bubble Boy in your home office while you enjoy Quiet Mode in the living room.

    • Give each Mila its own Bedtime Schedule.

      A big request was to be able to set a separate bedtime schedules in the kid's room or baby's nursery. In this build we give you the ability to customize the bedtime schedule for each Mila independently.

    • can now personalize Whitenoise Mode, Sleep Mode, and Turndown Service.

      So many of you have sent us notes telling us how much you love Mila's special bedtime features, but the #1 request has been to have even more personalization. Some of you suffer from nighttime allergies and wanted Mila running at a higher ACH during Turndown Service and Sleep Mode. While others are light sleepers and wanted Mila whisper quiet at night. And so many of you love Whitenoise Mode but some of you wanted it to sound like a Beachfront Bliss while others wanted it to sound like a Calm Creek.


    New Features and Improvement

    • Self-initiated sensor calibration — run through a sensor calibration sequence anytime.
    • Access technical info within the app — access info such as your Mila's current firmware version and MAC address straight from the app.
    • Custom naming — give your rooms custom names (new!) or change room types without having to re-boot your Mila.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed truncated AQI value in oAQI station selection screen when AQI levels go above 100.
  • Mila Manual

    User Manual

    Questions about your Mila unit? Get the answers you need in this handy manual.

    Download the manual

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