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The Rookie Parent.

Protect your little ones (and your own peace of mind) with the filter specially designed for young families.

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Little lungs need a little extra care.

Raising a child takes a village—and a good air purifier. Your home air can contain everything from particulates to chemicals that you wouldn’t want your kiddos breathing:

Superfine particulates

Children under 10 are more susceptible to the health effects of particulate matter (PM) than adults. Pollution particles from nearby roads, industrial buildings, or even your own cooking can cause wheezing, poor lung function, and exacerbated asthma in kids.

Protection for (and from) your sweet, stinky kids.

Designed with high-grade HEPA and a hefty carbon insert, The Rookie Parent effectively cleans the air your littles breathe (it can’t clean their toys off the floor though ... sorry).